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I was diagnosed with Polyneuropathy. Walking became very excruciating, so going out to shop for groceries or attend church was not an option without a wheelchair. I was totally homebound.

I contacted AIC to see if they could help me in some way. After an ILA came to my home and we discussed what I needed, she helped me get a ramp and a wheelchair.

I am so grateful to AIC for what they have done for me. Not only did they provide a service, they gave me my independence back and increased my socialization skills!

I pray God blesses them in helping others as they have helped me!

Four years ago, a 15 year old young lady was unable to communicate due to a brain aneurysm. She was spending 24 hours a day in a hospital bed in the middle of her parent’s apartment, relying on others for her daily care.

Today, she is an active young lady able to speak and communicate with the fervor of a teenager and the need for minor assistance with basic activities of daily living. With encouragement & support provided through peer counseling and grant funding for modifications to make her home more accessible, she has returned to school and has maintained a “B” average. AIC also assisted this young lady with obtaining a manual wheelchair. Socially, the young consumer has blossomed, attending school activities such as dances and other events with her school-age friends.

Through utilizing AIC’s consumer assistance fund, AIC purchased some pieces of assistive technology for a consumer.

“Before I got my tray table, weighted fork, and weighted spoon, I tried to put my food on my lap sitting in my bed to eat. My daughter was having to feed me because I would shake so badly I couldn’t keep food on my fork. I was unable to feed myself, and unable to get to the kitchen table.”

During the process of AIC assisting the consumer obtaining these items, she stated,

“I wasn’t used to having to ask for help with things, and I am very appreciative of my ILA’s hard work, fast efforts, & kindness.”

This consumer uses the bedside tray table as her “command center,” and now is able to feed herself much easier with the weighted utensils. After she began to utilize the items AIC helped her to obtain, she said that she was very pleased with everything AIC has helped her with and said, “It works out good!”

Appalachian Independence Center has helped me a lot. When I first started with them, I wouldn’t go out in public much at all, I could not handle it…

Now, I am more able to go out and do the things I need to do. Before I had to use a wheelchair and now I am able to go without it. I walk more than I used to. I was given goals to achieve. Some I have accomplished, some I have not…

I didn’t have a good outlook on life and now I do. I can look at life in a more meaningful way and I know I have to try and work at my goals.

I don’t know where I might be this time if they hadn’t have helped me, but I do know where I am at now and what I have to do.

I still have my disabilities and I will continue to work on the things that I need to and become a stronger person. I can’t thank them enough for the help they have given me. No matter how big or small it might have been or will be.

Thank you for all you do to help others like me and working with us.

A 50 year old man who has liver failure along with other physical conditions was unable to rise up out of his bed, get in and out of the shower, and was having difficulties with other various basic daily needs. As a result of encouragement and advocacy provided through peer counseling by an Independent Living Advocate with AIC, he was able to obtain a trapeze above his bed, a slide bench shower chair, and a raised toilet, all of which help him with these needs on a day to day basis. AIC staff also worked with him to empower him to advocate for his needs regarding consumer directed personal assistance services.

My old ramp was too steep and dangerous. Now, I do not have to worry about getting stuck on my ramp or flipping off of my ramp. The old one did not have hand rails. I had turned my power wheelchair over five times previously because of the ramp’s steep grade and I could not stop my wheelchair going down after a rain. I love my new ramp; it has helped me to be a whole lot safer.