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Appalachian Independence Center was founded in 1988 by a group of local citizens who had a desire to make sure services were available to people with disabilities and to help them learn about community services specific to their needs.


We are caring folks who think you should take control of your own life.


Our philosophy and culture.

The Independent Living Movement is founded on the belief that people with disabilities, regardless of the form, have a common history and a shared struggle; we are a community and a culture that will advance further banded together politically.

The Independent Living Philosophy emphasizes consumer control, the idea that people with disabilities are the best experts on their own needs, having crucial and valuable perspective to contribute and deserving of equal opportunity to decide how to live, work, and take part in their communities, particularly in reference to services that powerfully affect their day-to-day lives and access to independence.


AIC is a non-profit, non-residential Center for Independent Living which receives some of its funding from the State of Virginia. However, it is an independent organization governed by a board of directors made up of local citizens, a majority of whom have disabilities themselves. This assures AIC is in touch with the needs of people with disabilities in our community.

Appalachian Independence Center offers the five core services that are offered by all Centers for Independent Living including: Peer Counseling, Information & Referral, Independent Living Skills Training, Advocacy, and Transition as well as additional services that are identified by the needs of AIC’s consumers.

We serve the counties of Washington, Smyth, Wythe, Bland, Grayson, and Carroll, as well as the cities of Bristol and Galax, VA.